Example and reference files for Openlayers

The pages listed here were prepared as working examples of Openlayers scripts for use in creating a mapping system for trees. Most of the descriptive material is included in the comments on each of these pages. Much of the code has been copied from or adapted from Openlayers examples. This is placed here for my own reference, and because it might be useful to others in augmenting the rather terse Openlayers documentation. Most of the material is adapted from Openlayers examples.

Display only page for showing points (trees) and polygons (woodland) where the data is supplied from a database or other outside source.

Editing page for displaying the same data as the display page described above, and also to provide facilities for editing it. The editing is on the page only - to save back to the database or other source, code has to be written with other tools.

Desirable features, still to be added -

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