Plane trees in London

These pages describe some forms of plane trees (Platanus), as grown in London.

Decorative tiling

Plane leaf decoration on a
subway wall near Hyde Park

Introduction; Botany; Usage; Cultivation; Identification

Distinct recognised plane tree forms found in London -

Variants and clones in London that have not been identified with one of the names above.

Sites with a range of trees and relevant tree collections in London, and some elsewhere.

Odd, unusual and grotesque forms and growths. Including some trees with unusually shaped trunks.

Other species, clones and names - including 'Cuneata', 'Mirkovec', 'Tremonia', P. racemosa, P. wrightii, P. kerrii

Photographs of timber, and of fossils .

References and external links

The clone named 'Palmata'.

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