Plane trees of London

Unidentified trees and tree groups

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Trees can vary significantly, but many variations are not of any special interest. However a number of distinctive trees that could not be classified or named are listed here. The first list below is of some interesting specimens in London that cannot be fitted into one of the described taxons. In some cases this may be because they have not been properly identified. Some other noteworthy trees that I am not certain of the name of are also included here. Following that are some areas in the capital where trees of mixed forms are found, generally only in roadside settings. Finally there is a list of parks and gardens with collections of different tree types; this variation may have occurred by chance.

Click on any button with the label 'Map' to view the tree or trees at its location in Google aerial imagery.

Individual trees

Areas with unidentified trees

This section excludes other parks or gardens with collections of known trees. These also often have unidentified trees planted alongside them. See the collections page.

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